October 21, 2015

DRIVER EN ROUTE: Drop the HR Pin in a Different Conversation

The on-demand car service is here, and I use Uber weekly. The user-friendly app has transformed transportation and has made getting from my house to the airport a matter of two taps on my iPhone. The on-demand economy has made its way to the workforce, and companies such as Wonolo and Work Market are setting up shop.

The current conversation in our industry is centered on the question of, “Is an on-demand talent app actually feasible?” This is TBD… But we should be asking, “Why are people ditching cabs and why do they love Uber? What makes this technology sticky?

It’s simple.

I can do everything on my phone. (I’m not always looking for jobs, but when I do, I have to be on a desktop to get anything meaningful accomplished).

I don’t have to go to an ATM. (The only time I’m near a printer AND a scanner at the same time is at my current place of work. Awkward).

The driver never leaves me hanging. (The resume black hole is a painful experience).

Applying for a job is not as easy as two taps on my iPhone – but maybe it should be.

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Nicole Plant
Nicole is the Marketing Manager at TSP, responsible for marketing strategy, client outreach, social media, and branding for the firm. Prior to her current role, Nicole was a Search Consultant at TSP primarily placing commercial talent within pharmaceutical industry clients and service organizations. Instagram and Twitter are her favorite social media tools, posting about all things Cleveland Sports, shoes, her dog, and yummy food.
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